Ananda Dean, 11 years old, student, abducted and killed in 2008.

Khanice Jackson, 20 years old, accounting clerk of Portmore, St. Catherine, only daughter of her mother, body found in bushes in 2021.

Jasmine Dean, visually impaired UWI student, missing since February 2020.

Sharon Cole, 61 years old of McDonald District, Crooked River, murdered on February 15.

Imani Green, 8 years old, British girl from Balham, South London, killed in Duncans, Trelawny on January 2013.

Icilyn McFarlane, mother, and Mishane McFarlane and Christina McFarlane, daughters, killed in November 2020.

Colleen Walker, 53 years old, Vice Principal of Excelsior High School, killed in August 2020.

Many others not named today…

Madam Speaker, it is on a somber note and with pain in my heart that I stand to give voice to the now suppressed voices of our sisters who have been brutally killed in the epidemic of domestic violence in our country. Killed
because some man felt he had the right to decide whom she should love or that she should continue in an abusive relationship, regardless. Killed because she did not have the physical strength to fight back, as, intimidated and threatened, she kept silence unto the moment of her death.

Madam Speaker, we say a special prayer for the soul and for the family of Killed, Khanice Jackson. In this case that we are still reeling from, we note that the police has taken into custody a person of interest and support the national call for justice.

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