• Speech

    Mr. Speaker, crime continues to threaten the growth of our economy and instill an intolerable level of fear in the general populace.

    The Government will continue to be relentless in all pursuits aimed at protecting every citizen of this country and we seek the support of all stakeholders in ensuring that we ‘break the back of crime’. The Government remains determined and committed to a plan of action to meet this challenge.

    To this end, the concept of Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO) has proven itself; the Government through the actions of the Security Forces can take back control and enforce the rule of law while respecting the rights of citizens.

    Equally important, is that there has been no incidence of murder since the declaration of both the Mount Salem and Denham Town Zones of Special Operations.

    Mr. Speaker, we are at the point where approval once again has to be sought for the extension of the Zones of Special Operations in both Mount Salem and Denham Town.

    Extension of Zones 

    Mr. Speaker, as we are all aware this is not the first time and may not be the last time that a resolution has to be taken to extend both Zones of Special Operations.

    Mr. Speaker, the implementation of these Zones has been justified, and the results speak for themselves. We accepted from the onset that achievements in these areas could not be realized in the limited period allowed by the legislation.

    Nevertheless, it is important to note, that the Government’s resolve to continue and extend the Zones of Special Operations represents an important pillar (among other factors) to a long-term approach to crime. It is not a quick fix.

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