Mr Speaker:

Members of this Honourable House will recall the May 2010 operation in Tivoli  Gardens as members of the security forces began the search for Christopher

‘Dudus’ Coke, following a request for his extradition by the United States.

The violence which took place resulted in the deaths of 73 civilians and 4 members of the security forces and injury to scores of other citizens and members of the security forces.  The Security Forces recovered 88 guns and 14,000 rounds of ammunition, grenades and other explosives in the operation

On the night of May 24, the city was placed under a State of Emergency which lasted for a month.

Coke was eventually captured on June 22, after being on the run,  and was extradited to the US.  In 2011, he pleaded guilty in a Federal Court and is serving a23 year prison sentence.

Public Defender Earl Witter, was charged with conducting an investigation into the Tivoli incursion and submitted his report on April 29, 2013, in which, among other things, was the recommendation that a Commission of Enquiry be established into the activities, circumstances and other issues related to the Tivoli incursion.

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