I extend sincere congratulations to Donald J. Trump on being elected President of the United States of America.

He joins a select group of men who have attained the distinction of becoming Leader of the Free World. This job carries with it an awesome responsibility, as the President of the United States has a major influence on global affairs.

Donald Trump has been an international businessman and television personality who has built a successful brand and is known as a hard and tireless worker.

The United States is a strong democracy and Mr. Trump’s victory is an expression of the confidence of Americans in his ability to push for the changes in Washington that many have advocated for over the years.

In the weeks ahead we look forward to hearing and seeing how President Elect Donald Trump’s administration will take shape.
Throughout his campaign, he offered policy solutions that may impact immigrant communities in the United States. We have some concerns, since Jamaicans are a big part of the immigrant community in the US.

We hope that he will quickly reach across the political divide in the US and try to build bridges in the global space so that we can continue to foster peace and development around the world.

We pray for the President elect and his family and hope that after a spirited and sometimes controversial campaign everyone will accept the results and unite in the interest of their country and the world.

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