Mr. Speaker,

The legacy that we honour and celebrate during Heritage week is a direct result of the selfless acts of our country’s six named National Heroes.

During this week every year we acknowledge as a nation that the tenacity, resilience and fearlessness of these freedom fighters laid the foundation for the social, economic and political advancement of Jamaica.

It is only fitting therefore that I rise in this Honourable House today to advise you Mr. Speaker, the Members of the House and the entire Jamaica of the intention of this administration to take immediate steps to enact legislation which would once and for all set the record straight and ensure that justice is served for at least some of those who stood up for and cleared the pathway to our modern democracy.

Mr Speaker the Cabinet has approved drafting instructions in respect of legislation which will cause the expungement of the criminal records of notable freedom fighters, national heroes, supporters, sympathizers and participants by association who were involved in the 1760 Chief Tacky’s St. Mary rebellion, the 1831/32 Christmas rebellion, the 1865 Morant Bay rebellion and the 1929 campaign of the People’s Political Party.

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