Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson received the news this morning of the passing of PNP stalwart Seymour Mullings who served as Member of Parliament, Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ambassador between 1969 and 2004.

“We have lost a genuine champion of the people and an exemplary politician who served our nation well”, was his response on hearing the news while in the Eastern Caribbean. “Seymour ‘Foggy’ Mullings was an excellent political representative who was statesman-like in his approach to Ministerial and Ambassadorial duties. He was very much a man for all seasons who ‘walked with kings but kept the common touch’.”

Mr. Patterson remembered him for his stout defence of the policies of his Government and his single- minded approach to securing benefits for his constituents. “In his approach to representation, he was always mindful of the fact that service to people was the basis of his success. His professional and personal skills served him well in connecting with the community – as church organist, land surveyor, jazz musician, or cricketer.”

Mr. Patterson spoke highly of the support he received from Mr. Mullings as Deputy Prime Minister. He described him as a loyal and tireless worker in all the positions which he occupied during a long and distinguished career.

“I convey condolences to his wife, daughter and grandchild who will miss him as the anchor of the family. We share their grief. But his legacy is a proud one which will remain to encourage and inspire others.”

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