The Security Forces are reporting that investigations into the operation in East Kirkland Heights, St. Andrew, which resulted in the death of businessman Keith Clarke, are progressing well.
The Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) has been tasked by the Commissioner of Police to conduct the investigation and has assigned the head of the BSI, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Granville Gause, to be the lead investigator.
The Heads of the Security Forces express deep regret at the loss of lives since the commencement of the operation aimed at capturing fugitive, Christopher Coke and to repel orchestrated criminal attacks against the Security Forces.
The conduct of the entire operation in East Kirkland Heights is being reviewed and security personnel involved in the incident have been withdrawn from frontline duties.
The Police High Command wishes to assure, the family, relatives, friends and colleagues of Mr. Clark, and the entire nation, that a swift, thorough and professional investigation will be conducted into the matter, so that the truth will be exposed and appropriate action taken.

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