Dr. the Honourable Andrew Wheatley

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology

World Telecommunication and Information Societies Day

May 17, 2016


Today, May 17, is celebrated as World Telecommunications Day.  As Minister with responsibility for technology, I extend support for the celebrations, which incorporates the theme, “ICT entrepreneurship for social impact.”

Telecommunications is an integral aspect of our lives as we know it and has become the means through which we keep pace with the world.  Contemporary societies are no longer inhabited purely by citizens of countries and states but Netizens on the global technological landscape.  Our children are now characterized as Digital Natives, who have a clear appreciation for technology and the power of information.

The Government’s vision is that of true universal access to Government of Jamaica services as well as the enhanced opportunities for content delivery and the need to ensure freedom of participation for Jamaica and people across the region. I believe this vision is an opportunity for telecommunications companies and service providers to get onboard in support of the country’s overall growth and creation of a knowledge based society.

It is important that while we bask in the abundance and the use of the technologies, we spend the time to employ them to solve our problems and create our own technologies to spur job creation and wealth.

As an administration, we have big dreams for Jamaica and ICTs.  We want Jamaica to become the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean.  Jamaica must be the place where technological entrepreneurs are birthed, nurtured and made.  We have the creative capacity and the ability to make this dream a reality.

ICT is the vehicle for the future and as we celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Societies Day, let us strive to build an equipped Jamaica for the benefit of all.

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