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Sectoral Presentation 2023 by the Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Audley Shaw CD, MP


Minister of Transport and Mining, Hon. Audley Shaw, CD, MP

Madam Speaker, it is indeed a blessing and a privilege to be able to once again stand before this Honourable House to report on the performance of the Ministry of Transport and Mining and present the plans of activities for the year ahead. This is my second year with this portfolio responsibility, and it has been a remarkable journey.

I must first give thanks to the Lord God Almighty, whose continued grace has allowed me to be here today, in representation of this country which I love so much. Assuredly, I do not take this task lightly, as I humbly continue to serve the people of Jamaica.

I must publicly express my absolute gratitude to my family who has been my constant support and rock; to my Cabinet and Parliamentary colleagues, led by the Most Honourable Prime Minister, I thank you for your support and confidence in my ability to lead this portfolio. I thank my Constituency Executive, my Councillors and the Constituents of North East Manchester, who I have now served consistently for 30 years as Member of Parliament.

I thank our Minister of State, Honourable J.C. Hutchinson, and my team at the Ministry of Transport and Mining, ably led by Permanent Secretary, Dr. Alwin Hales. To the Chairmen and Boards of Directors, as well as the management and staff of our agencies, I see your contributions and remain eternally grateful for you.

Madam Speaker, it would be remiss of me if I did not acknowledge the strength and resilience of our Jamaican people, who have shown me love and support throughout the years. I keep pushing because of you.

Madam Speaker, this presentation is being delivered under the theme, “The Future of Transport and Mining: Balancing Efficiency and Sustainability” and focuses on the transport and mining sectors over the past year and the plans to move ahead, as we strive for a country with a world-class transportation system and a vibrant mining sector that serve the people and sensitive to the environment.

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