I am delighted to be visiting beautiful Balaclava again.


I am delighted to be participating in another activity which adds value to the development of individuals, this community and Jamaica.


The last time I was here, we broke ground for the expansion of the Balaclava High School, now renamed the Roger Clarke High School.


Today, I am pleased to be delivering on a promise I made not long ago.


In my budget presentation in Parliament a few years ago, I said we would be providing housing lots for the people in Balaclava.


Commitment made. Commitment delivered.


Today we are handing over serviced lots, an important step towards the ownership of a home.


We are also handing over a few agricultural lots to help boost agricultural production and the earning potential of those who will acquire these lots.


I think it is well-known that investment in housing is one of the best moves that any individual or family can make.


A house enhances the net worth of individuals and families.


In addition, other things being equal, a proper housing environment enhances the balanced development of our children.


For adults, the ownership of a house also contributes to greater productivity at the work place. There is a greater sense of security that produces peace of mind.


I will never apologise for making the ownership of land and housing a central feature of my Administration.


My Government will continue deliver on the mandate to provide land and housing to the Jamaican people.


We will do so with the help of the Almighty, and the continued trust and confidence of the people of Jamaica.


With the help of God and the people, any future Government that I lead, will also continue to give priority to providing land and housing for the people.


I know that the people of Balaclava are Christian people. Like me, you accept that the future is never willed to any of us. We realise and fulfil our plans for tomorrow, only by the grace of God…READ MORE 

Download PM’s Address at NHT Handing Over Ceremony at Balaclava Heights




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