MARCH 3, 2016

Partnership for Prosperity

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  • Your Excellencies, the Governor General, the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen and Lady Allen
  • Leader of the Opposition the Most Honorable Portia Simpson Miller
  • Former Prime Ministers:
    • The Most Honorable Edward Seaga and Mrs. Seaga
    • The Most Honorable PJ Patterson
    • The Honorable Bruce Golding and Mrs. Golding
  • My fellow Jamaicans


Good afternoon.


Introductory Remarks


I recognize that I stand here today only by the Grace of God. It has not been an easy journey to this podium, but earnest labour and fervent prayers conquer all. To God be the glory.


It is with a deep sense of gratitude, honour and humility that I took the Oath of Office moments ago, fully conscious of the magnitude of expectations and responsibility I have assumed, but equally energized and optimistic about a prosperous future for Jamaica. I pledge to serve the people of Jamaica faithfully, with all of my energies, all of my heart, mind and soul.


I stand here today happy to be representing the voice, vision, vote and victory of Jamaica.


We may have different voices and different votes on a similar vision, regardless of our differences, Jamaica was victorious at the General Elections. It is not perfect, but we can all be proud of the people, systems and institutions that make up our democracy.

Meaning of the Mandate


On the day of Election, I witnessed a young man carrying, cradled in his arm, an obviously bed-ridden elderly man from a polling station. I was touched by the sight. In the bustle of the busy school yard, as they passed, the elderly man pointed his ink stained finger at me and said, “Andrew, do the right thing!”


I stand here humbled by the awesome power of you, the people, and I commit to doing right by you. The people are sovereign and their views and votes must never be taken for granted.


The people of Jamaica did not vote in vain. They expect a government that works for them and by the same expectation, an Opposition that is constructive. This historic election delivered the smallest majority but also the clearest mandate: Fix Government!


With this mandate:

  • There is no majority for arrogance
  • There is no space for selfishness
  • There is no place for pettiness
  • There is no room for complacency and
  • There is no margin for error


I am under no illusion as to the meaning of this mandate. We have not won a prize. Instead, the people are giving us a test. There is no absolute agency of power. This means that the winner cannot take all, or believe we can do it alone…READ MORE

Download PM Holness’ Inaugural Address: Partnership for Prosperity

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