South East St. Ann Member of Parliament, Hon. Lisa Hanna and Councillors serving divisions in that constituency are expressing sadness at the passing of the former Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann, former Deputy Prime Minister, Cabinet Minister and Jamaican Ambassador to the United States, the Hon. Seymour Mullings, OJ. In a statement, Ms. Hanna said Mr. Mullings was a fine exemplar of selfless representation and high quality community and national service.

“Even in death, Seymour Mullings remains a visionary icon of service who blazed a path of progressive development for the people and communities of South East St. Ann,” Ms. Hanna said. She noted that while Mr. Mullings, a former Vice President of the People’s National Party (PNP) represented his party with distinction, he at all times discharged his responsibilities as a Member of Parliament and representative of the people without political bias.

“Foggy Mullings has bequeathed to me as the current Member of Parliament, and to all the Councillors of South East St. Ann, a fine and enduring example of quality people-centred representation. He has also provided us as leaders with a model for community social and economic development based on consultation, persistent advocacy and hard work, that will be his perpetual legacy as a true champion of the people,” Ms. Hanna pointed out.

She noted with pleasure the fact that the St. Ann Parish Council had, last year, passed a resolution renaming a section of the main road from Mount Diablo to Friendship in the constituency the Seymour Mullings Boulevard. “I am pleased that he received this important acknowledgement and honour during his lifetime,” Ms. Hanna said.

In her capacity as the Member of Parliament for South East St. Ann she has expressed condolences to the family of Hon. Seymour Mullings on behalf of the people as well as on behalf of Councillors  Lydia Richards  (Bensonton Division), Ian Bell (Beecher Town Division), Lambert Weir (Claremont Division) and Lloyd Garrick (Moneague Division). She has also conveyed appreciation for Mr. Mullings’ sterling political work and national and international achievements on behalf of the PNP’s Region One Organisation, for which she is Chairman.

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