The Dr. Hon. Andrwew Wheatley Mp
Minister Of Science, Energy And Techology On
Data Privacy Day; Saturday, January 28

Jamaica joins the rest of the world in observing Data Privacy Day, on Saturday, January 28, under the theme; Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.

Known in Europe as Data Protection Day, this worldwide observance has since its 2009 global acceptance and adoption, been a main public education and information tool, aimed at increasing global awareness of the basic Human Right to privacy, in a world of increasing connectivity, growing Internet of Things (IoT) and ever evolving cyber threats.

As the Jamaican government through the responsible, efficient and effective use of technology, eyes its Vision 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and gets S.E.T for prosperity in an even shorter time-frame, we take seriously our responsibility of assisting in the protection of the Jamaican cyber citizens’ privacy.

We remind you, protection of your information is a Right not a Privilege in today’s hyper-connected world where cyber security and data privacy are important components of corporate, personal and national responsibilities.

As information becomes easier to access, and indeed we want information to be accessible as air for all Jamaicans, we also know it becomes easier to manipulate. As we walk the tightrope therefore, of accessibility, evidenced by our ongoing island-wide roll-out of public access wi-fi facilities and safeguard, Government’s proposed Data Protection Act is due for tabling later this year.

The creation of a Single ICT Regulator with the mandate of ensuring cohesion across the regulatory elements of ICT, will naturally include the framework to promote privacy and protect data.

The Government of Jamaica is seized of the importance of data protection and cyber security, especially in light of recent upsurge in cyber-attacks, including website defacements, denial of service, spear-phishing and ransomware.

We encourage you to visit: for additional ways to be ‘cyber safe’ and also practice the following simple and effective data privacy safeguard measures.

• Always check and configure app and website privacy settings

• Enable remote location and device wiping

• Resist sharing too much information on social networking sites

• Customize your social networking privacy settings

• Avoid sensitive transactions on public Wi-Fi

• Always remember to sign out

Remember, be vigilant online: Stop and Think before you click.

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