Mr. Speaker, I rise this afternoon on account of the work of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing. This responsibility is a great one, and would not be possible without my constituents. I must therefore speak to some matters relating to my constituency.

I made some commitments to my constituents for the past year, and I expect to be held accountable for those commitments. I can declare with confidence that over the last twelve months, with the support of Councillors and the leadership of North West Clarendon, we have worked tirelessly and have accomplished many good things. The reason I can say this, is that our achievements are evident.

Mr. Speaker, we have focused our efforts on education, farming, welfare and training, and have made strides in the following areas:-

  • Road Repairs;
  • Housing;
  • Agriculture;
  • Building Construction (Market & Post Office);
  • Education;
  • Training;
  • Sports;
  • Water Supplies;
  • Street Lighting; and
  • Community Beautification.

Mr. Speaker, I take this opportunity to congratulate both the Edwin Allen High and Spalding High schools, for their achievements in the 2014 ISSA Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships. Edwin Allen has won first place in the girls’ championship while Spalding High held the fifteenth place, in the boys’ championship.

Mr. Speaker, despite the notable achievements made, there are challenges that the constituency faces. It is my intention, therefore, that during this fiscal year, I will focus on the following:-

  • Special Tuition Assistance;
  • Back to School Assistance;
  • Housing for Athletes;
  • Assistance to Indigents;
  • Upgrade Additional Basic Schools;
  • Construction  of Three Additional Basic Schools;
  • Construction of  a New Post Office at Thompson Town;
  • Programme to Install Water Closets at Primary Schools; and
  • Construction of a Transportation Centre at Frankfield.

Mr. Speaker, last year I said that we would double the number of persons for whom we provide special assistance; we said we would increase the back to school financial assistance, including special tuition and book grants, by 25%.

We promised to strengthen infant education and to upgrade as well as build additional basic schools. We also promised to continue the programme to replace pit toilets with water closets at primary schools in the constituency…READ MORE

Download Contribution to the 2014/2015 Sectoral Debate by State Minister, the Hon. Richard Azan



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