Madam Speaker:

Let me first of all give honour and glory to Almighty God, the Creator of all things. Great is His faithfulness and  mighty power which has brought us through a challenging year. I am reminded of Jeremiah 29:11 which states, “for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

I also acknowledge the master builder of our new, bold and brighter future, our Prime Minister the Most. Hon.  Andrew Holness. We hail his inspiring and steady leadership in such a tumultuous time.

I am energized by the support of my beautiful family. I am strengthened each day by my wife Ann-Marie, as we work shoulder to shoulder to create a brighter future for the people of Portland. I am grateful for the support of my children and grandchildren who are the wind beneath my wings.

Thank You to:
The people of West Portland, whose unfailing confidence in me as their Member of Parliament fuels my motivation to do this work; My Constituency Leadership and workers who are advancing the development of our communities and
ensuring the lives of the residents of West Portland are made better each day. I have had the honour of representing the people of West Portland for fourteen (14) years for four (4) separate terms.

My internal team headed by Permanent Secretary Mrs. Carol Palmer on whose astute management I rely to implement government policies and programmes with transparency, accountability and in full observance of good governance.

The leadership and staff across all entities in the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology who are effectively executing the charge for innovation and development to fuel the growth of this country.

My boards and in particular the leadership level, I wish to especially recognize the stewardship of Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee for the Science Portfolio; Mr. Wayne Chen for Energy and Mr. Keith Duncan for the Technology Portfolio.

I am grateful for the support of the Honourable Michael Lee Chin, my advisor on the National Broadband Initiative and Chair of the Broadband Taskforce.

Our international partners including the:
• United States Embassy
• British High Commission
• European Union (EU)
• Canadian High Commission
• Republic of Estonia
• The World Bank
• Inter-American Development Ba

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