Mr. Speaker,

Today I rise to speak on behalf of 9 year old Malique, who last week at his grandfather’s funeral in my constituency came out to remind me that he was destined for greatness; all he needed was my continued support.

I speak on behalf of Unique, a 17 year old ward of the state who got exceptional grades in CSEC and now attends Browns Town Community College and is determined to be a social worker so she can help children who have been abused heal.

I speak on behalf of 18 year old Oshnel Bryan, past student of Kingston College and a tremendous youth leader who served on our National Secondary Students Council who even in the face of sickness, had an indomitable spirit. Mr. Speaker Oshnel lost his fight with cancer last week but he continued to smile and laugh even in the face of great adversity.

In all of these stories Mr. Speaker is an acknowledgement of our greatness of our people, but also a realisation of the work we all have to do in this House to have that potential realised, to unleash their tomorrow today.

Allow me to first of all to acknowledge my life partner Kerida and my son Nathaniel, both of whom keep me grounded and focused on why I started this journey in the first place. This presentation would not be possible were it not for the great people of South West St. Elizabeth and again take this opportunity to thank them for their overwhelming support over the past two years, and to
specially thank my Management Team, Constituency Executive and my team of Divisional Chairpersons including Mayor Sangster; Councillors Palmer and Smith and caretaker, Bamidele.


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