Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference

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We look forward to welcoming home all Jamaicans, to the 2017 gathering in the heart of Kingston!

The Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference under the theme “Partnering for Growth” promises to be an informative and rich experience in the capital of Kingston at the Jamaica Conference Centre. ‘The programme has been fully redesigned to breathe new life into the format of the conference and the planned exchanges with participants.

Convened every two years by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the conference is an important platform in Jamaica’s strategic effort to meaningfully engage with Jamaicans dispersed around the globe. The event brings together Diaspora business interests, philanthropic groups, and young people of Jamaican descent and Jamaicans at home.

Structured transnational engagement with Jamaicans and persons of Jamaican descent has long been recognized as an important avenue through which Jamaica can support and motivate the Diaspora’s greater involvement in the country’s affairs. Since its inauguration in 2004, the Diaspora conferences have been expanded in scope and restructured to emphasize the invaluable contribution of the Diaspora to investment and Trade, Health and Education and community development.

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has identified Diaspora involvement as one of the eight priority areas of the country’s strategic plan towards sustained socio-economic growth over the next four years. Within this context, the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference is of particular significance and is fully aligned with the growth agenda. As Jamaica prepares to commemorate our 55th year of independence, the conference is also strategically scheduled to coincide with the planned celebratory activities.

Over the scheduled three days of discussion, those in attendance will also get a chance to have a say in what happens at home, when the activities and plans – such as the Government’s growth agenda, the opportunities in education, health, agriculture, research and innovation and the cultural and creative industries – are presented. Through our discussions and networking we seek to identify and harness the opportunities for viable Business partnerships and the ways in which we can expand Diaspora involvement and philanthropic investment in key areas. Key emphasis is being placed on engaging with young people of Jamaican descent through a Youth Forum, in an effort to nurture their involvement and make possible, tangible connections with other young people here in Jamaica.

Signature features will include the Marketplace exposition, Government At Your Service – a fast-tracked one stop shop exclusively at the conference, Church Services, and a range of hospitality and cultural activities in the heart of Kingston. The ‘Diaspora Day of Service’ scheduled to culminate activities, encourages Jamaican organizations and individuals to meaningfully engage with other Jamaicans and again organize themselves to offer their time, skills and resources to community projects of their choosing, anywhere in Jamaica.

This July, the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference will be an innovative, exciting, educational and uplifting gathering in Kingston Jamaica. Join us!

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Senator the Honourable Kamina Johnson Smith
Minister of Foreign Affairs

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