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A special committee is to be set up in Montego Bay with a primary focus on the chronic problem of improper garbage disposal.
The committee, which will comprise representatives from various civic and commercial organizations, and spearheaded by the St. James Parish Council, will be mandated to clean up Montego Bay.
Chairman of the Civic and Community Affairs Committee in the Council, Richard Solomone, has said that the problem could only be solved if the people of Montego Bay “come together for the good of the city”.
“I think the whole situation of the pile-up of garbage in and around Montego Bay has gone beyond the point of just the St. James Parish Council being responsible and to be concerned. I think this is a matter that all of us in Montego Bay should be concerned about and seek to do something about it now,” Councillor Solomone emphasized.
Speaking at a meeting of the Committee yesterday (January 19), Mr. Solomone said that on-going discussions had resulted in a consensus being reached, which would see the entire town being cleaned on a phased basis.
Councillor Horace Lawrence, who was instrumental in the formation of the Committee, said that a number of groups would be brought on board to make the committee effective.
“Target groups would include National Solid Waste, Public Health Department, St. James Fire Brigade, Tourism Product Development Company, the Rapid Response Unit, National Works Agency, the Police, the National Water Commission, Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Inbond Merchants Association, the Western Mirror and the commercial sector,” he informed.
Mr. Lawrence pointed out that after the Committee was up and running, a massive education campaign would be undertaken for about six months, during which citizens would be sensitized to the programme and encouraged to play their part.
He expressed the hope that corporate Montego Bay would agree to fund the clean-up campaign, thus guaranteeing its sustainability.

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