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Children and teachers from eight primary schools across London, were treated to a very special Jamaican Christmas, at the Jamaican High Commission, in London, on December 11.
A special feature of the day was the entertainment provided by noted Jamaican choreographer, Jackie Guy, and singer, Adwoa Dickson, who got the children and their teachers involved in singing and dancing to a range of traditional and contemporary Jamaican music, as well as Jamaican Christmas carols and songs, including ‘Christmas a Come, Me want me Lama’, and ‘Mary’s Boy Child’.
Special guest was actress, Angela Wynter, who is well known in the United Kingdom for her role in the popular soap opera, Eastenders.
More than 50 children, many of whom are studying Jamaica for school projects, learnt about how Christmas is observed on the island, with information about traditional Christmas activities, such as Johnkanoo parades.

Some of the children who attended today’s (December 11), Jamaican Christmas programme, organised by the Jamaican High Commission and the Jamaica Information Service, in London.

The students and their teachers were also treated to a traditional Jamaican Christmas lunch, which featured chicken, curried goat, baked ham, rice and peas and fried plantains .There was also tropical fruits and drinks, traditional Jamaican Christmas cake and potato pudding.
All the schools were presented with gift bags containing information on Jamaican history, lifestyle and heritage, as well as information on outstanding Jamaicans, including scientists, musicians and sporting personalities. The day’s activities were sponsored by Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS).
Each year, the High Commission and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), host a special event for school children, to give them a taste of Jamaican life, culture and heritage and to highlight outstanding Jamaicans, especially those living in the United Kingdom.

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