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A community meeting, organized by the Spalding Police to discuss traffic management in the town centre, will be held tomorrow (June 12), at the Spalding Primary School, Clarendon.
Taxi owners and operators, leaders of community organizations, school principals, street vendors and business owners in Spalding are expected to attend the meeting, which begins at 7:00 p.m. Superintendent of Police in charge of the Manchester Division, Ryland Salmon and representatives from the Clarendon Parish Council, are expected to address the meeting.
Inspector in Charge of the Spalding Division, Clyde Ramsay, told JIS News that the meeting is being organized to address the traffic congestion in the town, especially during peak hours. “The challenges we face is with the indisciplined taxi and mini-bus operators, and their refusal to use the transportation park that has been put in place for them,” he said.
Additionally, he informed that, the meeting will discuss plans for the re-location of taxi and bus operators to the park, situated next to the Total Petrol Station in Spalding, effective Monday, June 16.
“We want to speak to everyone to let them know that they are part of the solution to the problem and that we want everything to be in order where the road is concerned. It is a small town and we need to have the participation of everyone for a smooth transition,” he said.
He noted that more than 600 commuters from Frankfield, Ritchies, Mandeville, Cumberland, Coffee Piece, Cave Valley, Christiana and surrounding communities use the town centre daily.

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