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Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips, has said that society must explore mediation as a means of peacefully solving disputes.
Dr. Phillips, who was addressing a recent Jamaica Constabulary Force-organized mediation conference at the Medallion Hall Hotel on Hope Road, noted that, “issues of mediation and social intervention are among the most urgent tasks that confront the society.as a society we have lost the capacity as a people to resolve disputes peacefully”.
“If we were able to create a new wave of harmony and peaceful relationships in communities, all of us would enjoy the benefit of being in a peaceful, harmonious and convivial social environment,” he reasoned.
The National Security Minister also pointed to the need for harmonious relations between the police and citizens, as a solution to crime and violence.
“We need to create the environment where the police officers, particularly in our inner city areas, is not just seen as someone who comes in heavily armed and in numbers to deal with an extreme problem”, he stated.
He noted that the creation of amicable relations between the police and citizens was especially important, in light of the erosion of social institutions.
“There is no doubt that our social structures are under stress and are unraveling in many communities. In our schools, where we socialize our young people into appropriate behaviour, we see the ugly head of violence manifesting, sometimes with particularly spectacular and brutal results,” Dr. Phillips said.

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