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Eighteen shelters which were opened in Clarendon last weekend (July 15 to 17), in response to the treat of Hurricane Emily, are now closed.In an interview with JIS News, Delroy Palmer, Parish Manager for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, said they were able to provide supplies to about 1,000 persons in these shelters.
“The Ministry of Labour and Social Security responded to 14 shelters that were opened in Clarendon resulting from Hurricane Emily over the weekend. We were able to make supplies available to approximately 1,000 persons in these shelters, including food, mattresses, blankets, tarpaulins and lanterns. We experienced more flooding this weekend than seen by Dennis the week before. However, we were able to cope with the situation and maintain a level of comfort for persons in the shelters,” he said.
Mr. Palmer, who is also head of the Clarendon welfare sub-committee, explained further that the other four shelters had not placed any pressure on the team as the persons who entered the shelters late Saturday night, due to rising waters near their homes, left early Sunday morning.
He pointed out that individual assessment of damage from Hurricane Emily is expected to start today (July 19). Five teams will visit the communities of Portland Cottage, Mitchell Town, Rocky Point, Lionel Town, Alley, Kemps Hills, Banks and Sledge Pond to do assessments.
Mr. Palmer added that assessments of damage from Hurricane Dennis were now closed, and noted that mainly household items, including bedding, furniture, appliances and clothing, were affected.

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