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A Penny Concert, dubbed ‘Christmas Carols for Charity’, aimed at raising funds to assist street children, will be held at the Bibleway Apostolic Church of God, 50 Grants Pen Road, Kingston, on December 23, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
The event is being organised by the Students for Transformation (SFT), the youth arm of the National Transformation Programme, in collaboration with the Bibleway Apostolic Church of God. It is part of a plan by the SFT to raise some $100,000 for a street children project.
Chairman of the SFT, Howard Chamberlain told JIS News that the plan is to have “a day of pampering for our street children.” On the day, he said, there will be counselling sessions with the young people who will be presented with gift packages and served warm meals. There are also plans for the young persons to do medical check-ups, he said.
“Hopefully from there on, we can form a relationship with them, so we can go back to visit them and see how best we can assist them in various ways,” he said, adding that the funds will benefit street children in Half-Way Tree and surrounding areas.
With regard to the format of the concert, Mr. Chamberlain explained that participants attending the event will pay money to have persons sing a carol or to take them off the stage.
“If you want them to stop in the middle of the performance, you can pay money to do so. All this is in an effort to raise funds for the street children,” he said.
Mr. Chamberlain, who was recently appointed Chairman of the SFT, said the idea to have the concert was born out of a need to help the less fortunate, especially during Christmas.
“Christmas has really lost its meaning, Christmas is now materialised, everybody running about looking for Christmas gifts or to purchase new clothes and not worrying about the true meaning of Christmas,” he said.
According to the youth leader, Christmas is supposed to be a season of love, kindness and a time to help those who are less fortunate.
“I think our street children have been neglected, and while we will be warm for Christmas in our beds, there will be a street child on the road covered with a cardboard box and very cold,” he said.

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