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    Minister of State in the Ministry of Water and Housing, Everald Warmington, has informed that several water projects have been developed for the parishes of Clarendon and Portland.
    These include systems at Brandon Hill, James Hill, Peace River, Pennant Wood/Rosehall, Birds Hill/Chateau/Palmers Cross, and Christiana/Spaldings in Clarendon; and Fruitful Vale, Shirley Castle and Buff Bay/Windsor Castle in Portland.
    Making his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 8, the State Minister explained that the Brandon Hill water supply project involves mainly the improvement of intake works and the construction of a storage reservoir.
    “Tenders have been received for this project, which is to be carried out in conjunction with the Clarendon Parish Council at a cost of $15 million,” he said, adding that 50 per cent of the project is being financed by the Member of Parliament from the Constituency Development Fund.
    He also pointed out that the project would serve 2,780 residents and that work would commence in the latter part of this financial year.
    Mr. Warmington said that 80 per cent of the work undertaken on the James Hill water supply was completed and the project is scheduled to be completed in August. “The project, which is estimated to cost some $15 million, involves the erection of a relift pumping station, pipelaying and the erection of a storage tank,” he said, noting that water would be redistributed from the Kellits Treatment Plant to serve a population of 3,301 in the communities of James Hill, Irburn and Carty Hill.
    Mr. Warmington reported that a contract has being awarded for the Peace River water supply scheme and works have commenced on the project, which is being implemented at a cost of $17 million. He explained that the project would involve minor source improvement and pipelaying activities.
    He said the project would be completed in October 2008 and would serve 3,474 persons in the communities of Peace River, Thompson Town and Wanstead.
    The State Minister informed that the Birds Hill/Chateau/Palmers Cross water supply project is valued at $25 million and involves the construction of 7 kilometres of water distribution pipes. When completed, the project will serve the communities of Chateau/Palmers Cross, Birds Hill and Chandlers Pen.
    Mr. Warmington said that the Christiana/Spaldings project is estimated at over $30 million and will result in the installation of 9.5 kilometres of pipeline at Alston, along the Tweedside main road into Pecham, ending just beyond the intersection with the Grantham/Franklin main road at a point in Guinea Corn district. The contract has been submitted to the National Contracts Commission for approval.
    The State Minister also informed that the necessary investigations have been completed for the Pennant Wood/Rosehall water project, adding that tenders are to be invited in the near future. In the meantime, Mr. Warmington pointed out that during this financial year, the three major projects in Western Portland would be implemented, as a means of easing the water woes of the residents.
    “Pipelaying works are on-going on the $25 million Fruitful Vale water supply project, which will carry water from the intake to the main road. We are currently awaiting supplies of pipes in order to implement the pipelaying contract, which will serve Red Hills, Coopers Hill and adjoining communities. When completed, this project will serve 2,080 residents in Upper Fruitful Vale, Rock Hall, Grants Gate, Coopers Hill, and Durham,” he said.
    The State Minister also informed that the Buff Bay/Windsor Castle project is being carried out at a cost of $9 million. “We are currently conducting source investigation in conjunction with the Water Resources Authority, to provide water to the additional service area, and this process is on-going. Some 1,457 persons in Hart Hill and Windsor Castle will benefit from this project,” he said.
    Mr. Warmington noted that design reviews are being carried out for the Shirley Castle project, which is slated for implementation during this financial year.

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