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Several community development projects are slated to be undertaken in North West Manchester this financial year through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
These include the refurbishing of the Evergreen Community Centre; road improvement work in Huntley and Somerset Heights; rehabilitation of the Greenvale Basic School and support for a juice extraction factory in Huntley.
In addition, $4 million will be allocated to the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) to provide agricultural support for farmers; $2.2 million to the Social Development Commission (SDC) for sporting activities; and $4 million to be spent through the Manchester Parish Council for welfare and housing assistance.
Member of Parliament (MP), Dean Peart, speaking at a consultative meeting held at the Battersea Community Centre on (May 14) to outline how the CDF will be spent and to hear proposals, expressed gratitude to Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding, for establishing the fund.
“For this, we are thankful to the Prime Minister. Prior to the CDF, I could not hold a meeting like this where I put my proposals to you as to how I would want the funds to be allocated, and also hear your proposals, and then we give priority to the most important needs of the constituency,” he stated.
Projects already underway under the CDF and are to be completed during this year are: the Fairfield Primary computer laboratory and staff room; Nazareth School Trade Training Centre and playing field; Greenvale computer laboratory and training centre; and a $2 million contribution towards purchasing a bus for the Mile Gully High School.
In her address, Director of the CDF Programme Management Unit, Moveta Munroe, urged Jamaicans to work with their elected representatives and ensure that the needs of their communities are addressed.
The Prime Minister, in 2008, established the CDF to finance sustainable development projects. Funded from the national budget, it provides a dedicated allocation for community development activities, in each of the island’s 60 political constituencies, with elected representatives having primary responsibility for co-ordinating projects.
Last year MPs were allocated $40 million for development projects under the CDF, and they are expected to receive $50 million this year.

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