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Continued rainfall throughout western Jamaica over the past two days has left a number of communities seriously affected by flooding or blocked roads, as a result of landslides, particularly in the parishes of St. James and Hanover.
Acting Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for the parish of Hanover, Desmond Dorman, told JIS news that as of today (Oct. 26) the main road through Sandy Bay in that parish remained partially blocked from rubble washed down from the hilly sections of that village. He said efforts were being made by both the Parish Council and the National Works Agency (NWA) to maintain a continuous flow of traffic through Sandy Bay, as it was on the main thoroughfare between Montego Bay and the resort town of Negril.
Naming the most affected areas Mr. Dorman said the Logwood and Santoy areas being affected by flooding, while the Askenish and Clifton areas are being affected from partially blocked roads as a result of land slippages. He noted that the continuous rainfall over the last two days was not helping the cleaning up situation.
In St. James, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for that parish, Olga Headley, explained that the Flankers main road remained a serious problem with rubble in the roadway, which seriously curtailed the free flow of traffic in and out of the city of Montego Bay from the eastern end. In addition to that the Rose Hall main road had water settling in several areas also making that roadway an obstacle course.
She informed that there were minor land slippages on the Johns Hall main road, and that there was a collapsed section on the Barnett to Adelphi main road in the vicinity of the Riverside Open Bible Church. The Adelphi to Kent main road was also seriously eroded in the Chatham area.
In the Cambridge area the main road is inundated with water in the section known as Awful Gully. She also mentioned that both the North and South Gullies in Montego Bay overflowed their channels, causing serious flooding in downtown Montego Bay, yesterday.
Mrs. Headley appealed to all motorists to proceed with caution in all these areas, and to obey signs and signals put in place by the NWA and the Parish Council. She emphasized that both agencies were working assiduously to make all roadways passable at least to one lane of traffic as soon as circumstances allowed.
Both Parish Disaster Coordinators reported that no disaster relief shelters had to be opened in their parishes. In St. James the few families that were flooded out of their homes have chosen to stay with friends and families. There are no reports of flooded homes in Hanover.

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