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Several activities have been planned to observe Family Planning Week, which gets underway on Sunday, October 23.
The National Family Planning Board (NFPB), having scaled down operations in 2002, will this year see the planning and organisation for the week undertaken by the Outreach Department under the theme – ‘Men: Partners in Reproductive Health.’
Dianne Thomas, Communications Officer/Writer at the NFPB told JIS News that this year’s theme was selected because persons “have complained that we are always concentrating on women”.
She explained that while this was not the first year that initiatives have focused on men, “we want men to participate so that they can be partners, thereby supporting women in reproductive health and contraceptive choices”.
Although operating on a smaller scale, the agency promises to fulfil requests for presentations from schools, church groups and other organisations during the week.
“Under our Outreach Department you will find the Marge Roper counselling service, a popular feature of the NFPB. The Policy unit is in charge of the research element, solely responsible for our reproductive health survey, which helps to inform policy decisions,” Miss Thomas informed.
The week of activities will be launched at a church service at the Church of the Open Bible, Washington Boulevard beginning at 6:45 a.m.
Activities continue on Monday through Friday with 120 free IUD insertions at clinics in the Western and Southern regions.
“Free IUDs are being done as a gift to women in the western and southern regions who, due to financial constrains, are not able to afford the procedure. It will commence during Family Planning Week and go up to the end of the year, so the first 120 women – 60 in the western region and 60 in the southern region – will get the IUDs free of cost, courtesy of the Ministry of Health,” noted Miss Thomas.

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