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Business operators and prospective entrepreneurs have another chance to learn more about Chinese customs, business practices and other cultural aspects of China at a sensitisation seminar and workshop, which will be held on Thursday, January 13.
The event, which is being organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy and the Port Authority of Jamaica, will be held at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., and is a critical part of the country’s preparation for the upcoming China-Caribbean Economic Co-operation Forum and Trade Fair in February.
“We have been meeting with several organisations and making presentations right across Jamaica, to create that understanding and potential business for not just the event, but also for long-term investment, and also understanding how China is ready to move into the Caribbean region from an overall investment standpoint,” explained Jacqueline Knight-Campbell, Trade Fair Co-ordinator.
Aside from basic information on the People’s Republic of China, the workshop will highlight the services required of local and Caribbean businesses, the types of business-seeking partnerships that will be available, customs and immigration requirements and sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming China-Caribbean Trade Forum and Trade Fair.
The workshop and seminar will further enlighten individuals on the role of China-Caribbean partnerships, and how this will strengthen trade, economic and technical co-operation between the People’s Republic of China and the Caribbean region.
“Our focus is to create the final preparation of participants, to update them on the programmes that are involved, how they can get involved, how to register, how to participate in the business conference.We will specifically update persons on the decision-makers, the companies that are now coming, the various industries that are involved, the types of memorandum that will be signed by the Government of Jamaica along with the Caribbean countries and the countries that we have confirmed to date,” she further explained.
A panel will be available to facilitate questions and answers. The members include Pat Francis, JAMPRO President; Lyndon Williams, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC); Christopher Denny, Corporate Regional Manager of the National Commercial Bank (NCB); Trevor Riley, General Manager of the Shipping Association of Jamaica; Godfrey Dyer, President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA); and Dennis Morrison, Chairman, Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB).
The China-Caribbean Trade Forum and Trade Fair organisers previously met with businesspersons and other interest groups at a sensitisation seminar and workshop, which was held on December 2, 2004. This seminar was quite successful, said Mrs. Knight-Campbell.
“We received approximately 75 persons ranging from a wide cross-section of industries. Certainly we recognise, based on a panel discussion [that was held at that seminar,] that areas were not targeted or were omitted and so we are doing a lot more direct targeting of industries, which include manufacturing, fishery, agriculture, science and technology, trade and shipping.these are service providers and partners that will strengthen the whole aspect of doing business with China,” she said.

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