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Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator the Hon. Arthur Williams, has said that the Government remains committed to managing the public sector wage bill by improving the productivity of public sector wage earners.
“If we can spend our limited resources better and ensure that we get value for money, then persistent talk about retrenchment will itself become redundant,” Senator Williams said.
He was speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ), at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston on Tuesday (May 5).
Senator Williams was recently transferred from the Ministry of National Security, where he had been Minister of State responsible for the Correctional Services, to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, where he has been placed in charge of public sector wage negotiations.
He said that the Government was determined to face “these challenging times” with toughness and resolve, in the knowledge that the world economy will improve, markets will rebound and opportunities unfold.
He added that the Government has already developed policies geared at increasing fiscal responsibility and reduction of the debt.
Senator Williams said that the Government would seek to control public sector balances and debt.

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