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Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Delano Franklyn, will be honoured by the Miramar City Commission on February 23, at a ceremony to be held at the Miramar City Hall.
Jamaican-born, Miramar City Commissioner, George Pedlar, told JIS News that Senator Franklyn was being recognized for his outstanding role in support of Jamaican nationals overseas, who have been making a significant contribution to the development of their homeland.
Mr. Pedlar, along with two other Jamaican nationals, Winston Barnes and Fitzroy Salesman, are currently serving on a five-member City Commission, making this South Florida suburban community the only locale nationally, where Jamaicans form the majority on the City Commission.
The city of Miramar in southwest Broward is home to many Jamaicans. Broward County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, and it is home to the largest population of Jamaicans in Florida State. There are eight Jamaican nationals currently serving in elected offices throughout Broward County.
Through the formation of the Jamaica Diaspora Foundation last June, Mr. Pedlar emphasized Senator Franklyn’s role in uniting Jamaicans both at home and throughout the overseas communities, creating the framework for national development locally and strengthening those communities.
Mr. Pedlar noted that Jamaicans have always been impacting their island home through alumni and charitable organizations as well as individual support. That cohesiveness, enhanced through the Diaspora movement, could further impact the development of Jamaica, he said.
Following the presentation, Minister Franklin will be guest speaker at a town hall where he will address the public on current developments and concerns in Jamaica.

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