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Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips, has assured members of the Jamaica Police Federation that as long as the negotiations for salary increase are being conducted between the Police and the Ministry of Finance, he intended to take an active interest and support their efforts for a “reasonable settlement”.
“I understand and empathize with the pressures and the uncertainties, which are your daily lot and your concerns for the welfare of your families, given the level of risks you face in the execution of your duties. Within this context, as well as my own experience as Minister, I believe that our police deserve the best that the nation can afford,” he said.
Dr. Phillips was addressing the 62nd annual conference of the Federation at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort in Montego Bay on May 31.
“Although your negotiations are with the Ministry of Finance, I make every effort to keep abreast and to this end, I have been in constant dialogue with your representatives. I regard it as a duty to continue to work with you until a settlement agreeable to all parties is reached,” Dr. Phillips noted.
He told members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force that considerable efforts were underway to improve the physical infrastructure, and support systems and equipment of the force.
“I am happy to report that the provisions in this year’s budget will allow the Ministry to make considerable investments in improving the physical infrastructure and the environment in which you work, your mobility and other critical support systems and equipment. Within the last month, 150 all terrain SUVs have been equipped and delivered to the Commissioner for islandwide deployment,” the Minister said. “About $200 million has already been spent on the refurbishing of police stations islandwide. As a result of this expenditure, 31 stations have been repaired and work is now in progress on 15 more,” he added.
Turning to training and professional development, the Minister said members of the Force deserved all the opportunities for further training, in an institution with the capacity to provide training and certification to international standards.
“We are committed to the establishment of such an institution in Jamaica, which will over time, build the Force as an institution of integrity, grounded on highly educated and competent members who embrace and nurture a culture of quality and professionalism . the new Jamaica Police Academy will certainly train our police officers to confidently cope with the threat posed by well-armed criminal gangs,” Dr. Phillips said.
He noted that such a national training institution would develop courses and appropriate training interventions to improve the effectiveness of the JCF.
“What we are now embarking on in terms of training and professional development for our Police, constitutes a major investment in capacity building as well as a most significant milestone in modernization of the Jamaica Constabulary Force,” the Minister explained.

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