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Chaplain of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), Rev. Webster Edwards, has urged members of the nation’s security forces to display strength, courage and resoluteness in executing their duties, in the face of challenges, which they may face.’
“So very often you (security forces) bear the brunt of the wrath of those whom you are seeking to serve. The security services are, very often, misunderstood and frequently unjustly maligned.and yet it is (a) service that is indispensible to our existence,” he stated.
He was delivering the main address at the annual devotion and church service of the Ministries of National Security, and Justice, at the Swallowfield Chapel, St. Andrew, on Tuesday (January 19) under the theme: “Hope.”
In saluting the men and women of the nation’s security forces, Rev. Edwards said they were Jamaica’s “backbones” and “unsung heroes”, who have been unfailing and relentless in their service to confront the “monster” of crime and violence.
“A grateful nation recognises your services, which, very often, extends beyond the call of duty, and it is our prayer that God will continue to bless you as you seek to serve Him in sincerity and truth,” he stated.
He urged them to be strong, courageous and resolute in confronting the challenges anticipated for the ensuing year.”In looking at the year which lies ahead, and in facing all the difficulties and the frustrations., you must be strong. In other words, you must display, continually, that fervency in spirit and action as the fundamental principle on which your life, under the guidance of God, is based,” he said.
Rev. Edwards further urged them to, as best as possible, display a fixity of purpose and objectivity in carrying out their duties.
“What this means is that, in response to the dangers, you must be persons of valour. You must be daring in your approach and responsibilities.you must have the courage to do things which are prudent and purposeful. We must not allow our experiences to overwhelm and defeat us, (because) in the midst of all crises, there is a basis for hope,” Rev. Edwards stated.

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