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A sum of $131.8 million has been allocated to the Secondary Education Programme, in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture. The Programme is comprised predominantly of Phase 2 of the Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) Project.
The funds were earmarked in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure, tabled in the House of Representatives, and are directed toward executing a three-fold objective.
These are to continue to improve the quality and equity of secondary education through school-based initiatives; to expand access to upper secondary education in a cost effective manner through building new schools, extension and refurbishment of schools, public financing of private secondary education, and use of extended day or double shift.
The third objective is to strengthen the capacity of the central ministry and regional offices to manage reform.
This project has been extended from an initial two-year period ending in April 2003, to a further extension, which brings the project to an end in September 2007.
The programme has accomplished a number of goals up to December 2003. Among these are the training of 220 persons from 53 schools and the provision of 4,050 additional grade 10 places. Also 368 grades 10 and 11 spaces were provided for students, in independent schools.
This year the targets are no less ambitious. It is anticipated that the implementation of 99 School Improvement Plans will be funded. Also 1,800 Heads of Departments, College Lecturers and Education Officers will be trained in the use and supervision of the ROSE Curriculum.
Additionally, consultancy will commence in the development of diagnostic tools to identify or correct Grades 7 – 9 literacy or numeracy problems.
The Secondary Education programme is funded by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the Government of Jamaica.

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