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Prime Minister P.J. Patterson has expressed confidence that segment two of Phase one of Highway 2000 from Bushy Park to Kingston will be completed on time and within budget to facilitate its opening on December 15 this year.
Giving his impressions of the work done on the Highway following an impromptu tour on Wednesday (Oct. 20), Mr. Patterson said that based what he had seen and the assurances given by the contactor Bouygues, he was satisfied that the December 15th deadline would be met.
“The contractors have assured me that they want to have the road opened by Christmas and I had a look to see whether that timetable is possible. What I have seen confirms their report,” Mr. Patterson said.
The Prime Minister observed that the traffic flow on the Old Harbour leg of the Highway has exceeded the Government’s expectations by far. He said the use of the Highway was expected to increase with the opening of the new segment which bypasses Spanish Town.
Mr. Patterson said instructions have been given for the developers to move swiftly to the Bushy Park to Ocho Rios segment of the Highway with a view to improving the traffic flow to the North Coast.
In the meantime Managing Director of the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC) Dr. Wayne Reid said that work on the Portmore segment of the Highway was a costly and complex exercise, given the nature of the soil in the area and the methods that have been employed to accelerate the consolidation of the land.
“The cost of doing the roadway in the Portmore Causeway is a lot more expensive than any part of the roadway that we have done coming in from Bushy Park to Mandela. It is a lot more expensive because of the work that is being done underground,” Dr. Reid said.
He noted however that the work being done in Portmore would guarantee commuters an excellent road surface for years to come.
With approximately two months remaining before the opening of segment two of the Highway to vehicular traffic, construction of all bridges along the roadway have been completed. The asphalting of remaining portions of the roadway is progressing smoothly while the Spanish Town Toll Plaza is almost completed. Mr. Jean-NOEL Foulard, Project Manager at Bouygues is also confident that the company will meet the December 15 deadline.
The Minister of Transport and Works Hon. Bobby Pickersgill, Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works Dr. Fenton Ferguson and Chairman of NROCC Dr. Kingsley Thomas were among the officials accompanying the Prime Minister on the tour.

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