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The Social Development Commission (SDC) is to host a public forum in Spaldings, North Clarendon to promote community development.
“We are pursuing the mandate of organizing communities into sustainable governance structures under the theme ‘Giving our communities a Voice’, because we really believe that communities need to participate in and shape their own future,” Field Services Manager with the SDC, Ethel Brown told JIS News in an interview.
She said the meeting would be held on Thursday, July 7 at the Spaldings Primary School, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
Mrs. Brown explained that the meeting is targeted at leaders and stakeholders from the communities of Coffee Piece, Moravia, Silent Hill, Cumberland, Ritches, Alston, Sanguinetti, and Spaldings.
She pointed out that information would be shared on the Upper Clarendon Development area, leaders and stakeholders would be sensitized on the Local Government reform process, and meaningful interaction among the cluster of communities in the Spaldings area would be promoted.

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