JIS News

Rehabilitation works have been carried out on approximately 40 schools in Region Five of the Ministry of Education and Youth over the past three months.
The schools, which are located in the parishes of Manchester and St. Elizabeth, had repairs done to canteen facilities, roofs, sanitation areas, electrical and water systems, as well as the painting of buildings.
Regional Director for Region Five, Reuben Gray, informed JIS News that some of the schools worked on in St. Elizabeth were Merrywood Primary, Santa Cruz Primary and Junior High, Glen Stewart Primary and Top Hill Primary. “For the primary and all-age schools, there has been an overall cost of $61 million [and] in the high school system, we had an expansion work of over $100 million,” he said.
The Regional Director explained that work was still in progress and that most of the schools were approximately 80 per cent completed. “We have been looking at a number of schools and what we do is try to determine the ones that might need repair,” Mr. Gray noted.
In relation to the construction of a new building for the Mile Gully High School in Manchester, he pointed out that plans were still in the preliminary stages, and that the current focus of the Ministry was on the new Mandeville High School that would be built in the near future.