JIS News

Director of Technical Services in the Ministry of Education, Errol Golding, has assured that schools are in a state of readiness for the new academic year, which begins in September.
“I think we are about 90 per cent ready.repair on schools is an ongoing process, so most schools are in a fairly good condition,” Mr. Golding told JIS News.
He reported that last year, some 223 schools were targeted for repairs and infrastructural work, and of that number, 146 were awarded contracts, of which 136 have been completed. Work is currently in progress on the remaining 10 schools.
Mr. Golding further informed that funds have been allocated to deal with minor emergency repairs that schools might have, leading up to the beginning of the school year.
“Funds have been sent to the six regional offices to be utilised in case of emergency, that is, if there is a school with a problem coming to the opening of the school term, they could report the matter to their regional offices and they would have enough funds to treat with whatever emergency that might exist,” the Director added.
Giving an update on the hurricane rehabilitation programme, which was set up following hurricane Dean, Mr. Golding informed that of the 503 schools which were damaged, 291 were sent funds to carry out repairs.
Additionally, 148 contracts were awarded to undertake repair work on some of the remaining schools, with 132 of the number completed.
With regard to furniture, the Director said that furniture and equipment have been delivered to schools on a regular basis up to June of this year. “We continue the production of furniture and most of what we have in production now, will be ready for the third to last week in August,” Mr. Golding added.
He pointed out that the delivery of furniture and equipment would be done from the last week in August to the first week in September.