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Students from five primary and all-age schools in Essex Valley, St. Elizabeth, recently participated in a two-day safety exhibition sponsored by the Alpart bauxite company.
According to Alpart’s public relations manager Lance Neita, the displays, which were mounted at the Nain plant, saw the students applying lessons learnt from the 17-year old Home, Street, School Safety (HSS) programme.
“Our employees are able to view posters, safety modules, hear about tips on road safety and also be a part of guided tours conducted by student safety monitors.this is in fact a true demonstration that the HSS programme has in fact has a positive effect on those who have participated,” he said.
Mr. Neita explained to JIS News that more than 30 schools from Manchester and St Elizabeth participate in HSS activities on an annual basis.
“The overall aim is to make our all-age and primary school population more aware of the proper measures to follow that will impact in the prevention of accidents at school, home and on the streets. The spin-off, of course, is that many of the students carry home these lessons to their parents,” he pointed out.
President of the Alpart HSS committee, Verna Bromfield, noted that “hundreds of lives have been spared and protected through this programme.”
She said further, that in terms of resources from the company, “many thousands of dollars spent as well as oceans of time on the part of employees from the company, who have to visit all the schools that have implemented the HSS model.”

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