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School administrators in St. Thomas are expecting a smooth start to the school year, with most reporting that the necessary repair and upgrading projects have been done or are near completion.
Noel Williams, Bursar at Seaforth High, told JIS News earlier this week, that the school administration was ready to meet the challenges of the new academic year.
In terms of plant upgrading, he informed that work was 80 per cent completed. “We started our preparations as early as June. If you notice the painting is almost done, we’re constructing a music room and that’s going fine and we’re fixing chairs,” he said. He said that leading up to the summer break, the school had a problem with leaking roofs, “but the (Education and Youth) Ministry promised us they would have the roofs fixed before the new school term and they are on target.”
The Ministry has also promised to conduct electrical repairs and provide additional desks, he informed. Registration is going well, Mr. Williams added “and where we anticipate dealing with slow learners, we are equipping some of the teachers with the requisite skills training to be able to deal effectively with that issue. We have a good cadre of staff here at Seaforth and so we can deal with anything that pops up”.
Principal of Paul Bogle High, Cordovan Jackson, told JIS News that refurbishing work was done to classrooms and laboratories, a 10-station computer laboratory was built and a reading room was being completed.
“The Ministry had started the groundwork for three new classrooms and hopefully, by the middle of September, they will be ready,” he told JIS News.
He said that, “people from near and far have been coming in large numbers to get their children from grades 7-11 registered and as best as possible, we have tried to accommodate them.”
The principal praised the staff, who came in during the summer holiday to assist in the registration process, noting that, “their effort now makes it possible for us to have a smooth start at the beginning of the term.”
Meanwhile, at Morant Bay Primary, workmen and teachers are putting the finishing touches on various projects. Extensive work was carried out at the school to include the painting of classrooms, building of a new office for the vice principal, redoing floors, renovating and painting bathrooms, mowing of playing field and general clean-up and beautification of grounds.
Over at Yallahs High, Principal, Headley Moore, told JIS News that, “everything was set and ready for the new school term to begin”.
“We had no problem; we were pretty much set as we have done extensive repairs to furniture and electrical fixtures, painting the buildings, and repairs to desks and chairs,” he informed.
He noted that one classroom had a leaking roof and a creative method has been used to address the problem in the short-term.
“What I realised after several attempts is that we could not have repaired the roof so we .put a gutter on the inside of the classroom, which allowed the water to leak and run to the outside. It’s not very aesthetic but it works very well and now the classroom can be used even if it rains,” he noted.
The new school term begins on Monday, September 4.

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