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Approximately 350 students from eight primary schools in the parish of Westmoreland, have been presented with school uniforms, shoes, school bags, books and toiletries by Save The Children Fund.
The charitable organization has spent an estimated $27 million in the parish, in the effort to transform the lives of those affected by Hurricane Ivan, which devastated the island last year September.
Over 12 communities have been visited by the Fund, including Peggy Barry, Moreland Hill, Delfland, Beaston Spring, Good Hope, Retreat, Silver Spring and White Hall, and about 150 mattresses and roofing material have been given to affected families. These families also received gift packages of food, toiletries and hygiene kits.
Investigating Officer for the Fund, Lorna Williams told JIS News that the organization had done extensive refurbishing work on the Negril Health Centre, replacing a badly damaged roof and installing new windows.
“Over 362 fishermen who lost their fish pots during the passage of Hurricane Ivan were assisted by Save The Children Fund. These fishermen received wires and other fishing equipment, in order to retool themselves for their occupation,” Mrs. Williams said.
“Save The Children Fund did tremendous work in Westmoreland and I believe the schools, the principals, the parents and the students all appreciated very much what the Fund did for them,” she added.
One of the schools in Westmoreland which received much help was the Little London Primary School, which is located in the western section of the parish. Sixty three of the most needy students were selected for special assistance, receiving uniform, school bags, shoes and books and gift packages of toiletries and hygiene kits. Their parents also were singled out for assistance, receiving mattresses, roofing material and food stuff, as their lives were badly disrupted by the hurricane.
Principal of the school, Adassa Brooks told JIS News that the Save the Children Fund has had a positive effect on the school population, improving attendance, especially on Fridays.
“The intervention of the Save the Children Fund in this school has boosted the attendance and motivated students, especially those whose parents were most economically challenged. For the students who have received benefits from the Fund, most of them are those who do not normally attend school well,” Mrs. Brooks noted.
“Giving these children uniforms, shoes and other items has boosted their attendance at school and has encouraged them to come out to school more often, even on Fridays,” she added.
She expressed appreciation to the Fund, which has also assisted to upgrade the school’s sanitary conveniences.

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