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Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar and Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Delford Morgan, has said that the Council has the responsibility to ensure that all medical doctors, who practice within the parish, are certified and registered and are capable of effectively performing their duties.
Mayor Morgan, who was speaking at the Council’s recent monthly meeting in Savanna-la-Mar, said that the time has come for citizens to have access to an updated list of doctors, who were qualified to practice in the parish.
“We have a high incidence of expatriate doctors in the parish and across Jamaica, and it is incumbent on the Council, as the local board of health, to ensure that those persons, who are actually practising the profession, are in fact certified and are registered medical practitioners, capable of doing the work they offer to the public,” he stated.
“In the event that that is not so,” he noted, “then the Parish Council will then be in a position to alert the relevant persons to ensure that the practice ceases.”
He further informed that he will be seeking an early meeting with the Senior Medical Officer for Westmoreland to acquire an updated list of registered doctors in the parish, which will be laid on the table at the next Council meeting.
In the meantime, Councilor Laumond Senior of the Petersfield Division has endorsed the Mayor’s move as an important one in protecting the health of the citizens of the parish.
“I too would like to see the Senior Medical Officer in the parish visit these doctors and regulate them to ensure that they have their certificate to prove that this is Doctor Green, who is going to attend to you and not Dr. Reddy,” he said.

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