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The McCauley Primary School in Spanish Town, St. Catherine has benefited from much needed upgrading of sanitary facilities, which was undertaken by the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Foundation at a cost of some $900,000.
The scope of work included the replacement of 30 toilets and the installation of eight urinals and four showers. As part of the project, the drinking fountain and electrical wiring were upgrading, cabinets were mounted in the kitchen, and balls and gears were provided for physical education. Principal of the school, Jerry Banton, told JIS News that the bathroom facilities, which served a student population of 1,150, had deteriorated over the years.
He said that the health authorities had advised him about the need to upgrade the facilities and so he approached the NCB Foundation for assistance. With the completion of the project, he said that morale at the school has been lifted. “I feel very good about it. It’s like a breath of fresh air. The students love the bathroom, the boys in particular, they are now using urinals, which were not there before and this has really meant something to them,” he stated.
Projects Manager at the NCB Foundation, Samantha Chantrelle, told JIS News that the Foundation was pleased to offer the assistance once the need was brought to the body’s attention.
Including the McCauley Primary School project, she said that the Foundation is undertaking some 15 projects ranging from a low of $10,000 up to $5 million. “It just depends on what we’re doing but we’re doing quite a bit right now,” she noted. She said that NCB “on a whole, has a long history of giving back to the communities. The bank commits 1 per cent of credit card sales to the Foundation to spend on different projects.” Head of Group Marketing and Communication and Chief Executive Officer of the NCB Foundation Cherie Martin, said that the bank’s focus is on education. “I would say 90 per cent of our funding is education-related. Primarily, we help with tuition but there are times when we help with infrastructural improvement because we recognise that the schools need to be an appropriate environment to learn in,” she pointed out.
Teacher at the school, Lorna Stone, said she was pleased with the upgrading work. “It enhances the whole process of hygiene in the school. Now children will be happier going to the bathroom. Everybody is really appreciative of what has taken place,” she told JIS News.

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