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Administrative Director for the Institute of Sport (Insport), Ian Andrews, has suggested that a national policy on sport be established for the development of supporting institutions.
Mr. Andrews said that there is a need to have proper structures within the local sporting fraternity, so as to enable sportsmen and women to make a living from their talents.
“The talent is here, but what we have not quite grasped is how to hone these talents in a proper structure, so that we can make money from it. Every developed country has a structured sporting system,” he stated in his address at the launch of the Sandy Bay/Montpelier Football Corner League held in Hanover at the Tryall Club Hotel recently.
He expressed the view that the challenge for the development of proper structures and a working policy, rests with the political directorate, sports organizers, and the Executive Directors of sporting agencies.
The corner league competition is being administered by the Hopewell/Sandy Bay Sports Council and funded by the Tryall Club Hotel.
In addition to policy, Mr. Andrews suggested that there should be a philosophy in the sporting discipline of football, so as to have the same style and brand of football being played in every nook and cranny of the island. He said that without such a philosophy, putting a national team together is a tedious task.
“If we have one national philosophy of football, then everybody would be playing it. And when you have a national philosophy you develop academies,” he stated.

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