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Sandals Whitehouse in Westmoreland will launch its ‘Tourism Club in Schools’ Programme at the New Hope Primary and Junior High School in mid-November.
The initiative is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of tourism by getting students exposed and involved in the industry from an early age.
Some 50 students are expected to be registered at the launch, with the project to be extended to the remaining seven primary and junior high schools in Eastern Westmoreland.
According to Deputy Public Relations Manager at the hotel, Keith Wedderburn, by involving the students at such an early age, they would be more attuned to the idea of helping to promote Jamaica and becoming more exposed and aware of what a career in tourism entailed.
“This initiative will hopefully educate students about the things that are uniquely Jamaican, creating awareness among them as to the importance of tourism as Jamaica’s number one foreign exchange earner,” he stated.
“We also hope to sensitise them on tourism as one of the world’s fastest growing industries, broaden their knowledge about tourism and related careers and to assist them in developing environmental awareness by showing care, protection and preservation of the environment”, Mr. Wedderburn added.
He pointed out that educational material would be provided to students across the parish, including those at the secondary and tertiary levels.
“We will be seeking to cover a number of topics such as what is tourism, a profile of Jamaica’s six resort areas, the role of culture and environment, music and dance, guest relations and customer care, tourism attractions and tourism linkages such as accommodations, transportation and tours, roles and functions of tourism organisations such as the Jamaica Tourist Board, Tourism Product Development Company and Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association”, Mr. Wedderburn informed JIS News.
He noted further that with festival being “a very important part of tourism, which comes under event tourism, we would want students to be able to identify the various festivals such as yam, curry, fish and bammy, breadfruit, kite, mango and shrimp.
“These are some of the topic areas we hope would be covered in the tourism clubs in addition to quizzes, debates, field trips and community projects, to ensure that these clubs will be energetic, vibrant and very educational”, he said.

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