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Six students, who are children of employees of Sandals Royal Caribbean Hotel in Montego Bay, were recently presented with bursaries totalling $150,000 to assist with their high school education for the new school term.
The presentation of the bursaries, which saw students Amoy Streete, Nickalia Sterling, Britania Nickle, Britania Myers, Taenia Russell and Jessica Evans each receiving $25,000 has been made available by the hotel for the second consecutive year.
According to the hotel’s bursary committee representative, Karen Brown, the objective was to assist as many parents as possible with the various expenses they face in enrolling their child/children in high school.
“The committee was seeking to provide any assistance that would ensure that each child’s performance was maximized. The committee, along with parents were committed to the view that every child can learn and must learn. For the parents this year I encourage you to work with your child in ensuring that his or her full potential is realized, which as you know means supervision of home work, encouraging them to read and helping them by ensuring that you sit with them and read with them,” Ms. Brown implored.
She encouraged the awardees to “work hard, be obedient, use every day to learn something new and to read, as those who read achieve”.
Addressing participants at the presentation ceremony, which was held at Sandals Royal Caribbean on Friday (July 27), the Regional Director of the Child Development Agency (CDA) Sydney Grant, said that receiving the bursaries was the beginning of an exciting journey towards the enhancement of the children’s educational growth and development.
He told parents and guardians that they have a responsibility to their children and should ensure that they spend time with them and show them love.
“Sometimes I think that the expectations we place on our children are too early and too much. We need to grade them. We also need to understand our children’s capabilities, how they can build and manage. I want to commend Sandals for making these bursaries available to children as this represents an investment in children,” Mr. Grant told participants.
He urged awardees to be honest in their total educational development and to be appreciative of what was entrusted to them, to work hard and make their parents, communities and country proud.

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