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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Karl Samuda has said that the scrap metal licensing regime has been quite fruitful, with close to 200 dealers registered to the system, since its implementation in November.
To date, 177 dealers and 84 carriers have been registered to the system, in addition to the issuing of 349 shipment certificates.
“It is very encouraging for us to observe that not only have they (dealers) complied with our request, but they have also increased in numbers,” Mr. Samuda pointed out at a press briefing held on February 12, at the Ministry’s office on Trafalgar Road in Kingston.
To further improve the system, the Minister announced that come March, there would be a reduction in the turnaround time for the issuing of licences with the implementation of a paperless system.
In the interim, he encouraged exporters to use the online system that links Jamaica Trade and Invest, Jamaica Customs and the Trade Board. Currently, exporters take their documents to the Trade Board and the shipment certificate is prepared within an hour.
The Minister pointed out that the implementation of the new regime had brought about positive changes to the industry, with a drastic reduction in the reported cases of theft of the country’s infrastructure.
As it relates to feedback from dealers, Mr. Samuda noted that “the small dealers, in particular, are happy with the registration process, as it gives them legitimacy, while going about their business.”
The dealers, he added, have expressed overall satisfaction with the process, as “it tends to eliminate others who have been less than honest in their dealings.”
Mr. Samuda said that the dealers and exporters have now formed the Metal Recyclers Association, which would allow them to communicate with government and other stakeholders.
“We have travelled from a disorganised, unregulated activity, to a highly structured activity, where honest players have come together to form an organization. This will allow them to communicate with us in the ministry and the other departments of government as a united team of people, working towards one common objective,” the Minister said.The scrap metal licensing regime was introduced on November 12, 2007 to deal with the theft of copper cables and other metals for scrap. It was implemented after a temporary ban was placed on the trade, to allow the completion of local regulations.

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