JIS News

The St. Ann Jamaica Bauxite Partners (SAJBP), has embarked on a series of community meetings, to increase the awareness of road users in the parish and educate them on defensive driving techniques.
The first in the series, which was recently held at the Puerto Seco Beach car park in Discovery Bay, saw motorists and pedestrians participating fully in the session and supporting the venture.
Public/Community Relations Officer at the SAJBP, Winston Watson, told JIS News, that accidents occur daily on the roads, and more often than not, these accidents result from careless driving.
“We believe that with proper education and orientation of all road users, inclusive of drivers and pedestrians, we could create a behavioural change among drivers from our operational areas and by extension the parish and the country of Jamaica,” he said.
“This behavioural and attitudinal change, it is hoped, will create an environment in which courtesy is shown to all road users, and drivers take into consideration that the road is used with care, caution and respect for all other users,” Mr. Watson added.
He is encouraging public transportation operators to come out and be a part of the other meetings, which are expected to be held in St. Ann’s Bay, Brown’s Town, Alexandria and Cave Valley.
Meanwhile, Sergeant Errol Gold of the St. Ann Community Safety and Security Branch at the St. Ann’s Bay Police Station, told JIS News, that he is in strong support of the SAJBP’s Defensive Driving Public Education Campaign.
“I believe that the venture is a very good one and I am imploring the St. Ann Jamaica Bauxite Partners to go parish-wide with it, so that motorists can become aware of what is happening on our roads and take things seriously. We are losing too many persons in this country as a result of traffic accidents, so I’m imploring the citizens of this country to use our roadways in a better way,” Sergeant Gold said.
Beth Campbell, a pedestrian, expressed happiness that the meeting was held in the Discovery Bay area.
“I’ve learnt that as pedestrians, we too can do the right thing. It’s not only based on the motorists but if we as pedestrians should take on our responsibilities and follow the road safety rules, then we can cause less accidents,” she said, lauding the SAJBP for hosting a most informative meeting.
Rodger Evans, a driver, told JIS News, that he was pleased with the efforts of the SAJBP for coming out and educating taxi operators and other members of the public about defensive driving.
“As for defensive driving, I think it’s a very wonderful issue that would allow any well thinking Jamaican to be driving in a safe manner, using the roads properly and carefully,” he said.
Mr. Evans thanked the SAJBP for the work that it has been doing in the Discovery Bay area to promote safety for all road users.