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The Red Hills Road multi purpose park, a project of the Rotary Club of Kingston, was on Tuesday (July 12) handed over to the residents of the Red Hills Road and Dunrobin communities in St. Andrew.
The new facility replaces the former dustbowl across from the Dunrobin Primary School, which was a major health hazard for children and adults alike. Among its features are a football field, cricket pitch, courts for basketball and netball and a jogging trail. Dr. Peter Phillips, Minister of National Security and Member of Parliament for East Central St. Andrew, was unable to attend the handing over ceremony, but in his speech read by Tony Williamson of the Future Vision Foundation, pointed out that the facility was developed at a time when Jamaican artists and sportsmen and women were demonstrating that they were an integral part of Jamaica’s economic future.
“Their role is no longer confined to entertaining us in our leisure time but to become the finest professionals in their respective fields, improve their standard of living and bring honour and glory to their country,” the speech read in part.
The Minister, in his message, said it had now been proven, that the physical environment was a major factor governing social behaviour, hence facilities such as the multipurpose sports park represented more than a physical infrastructure for sports. “It adds aesthetic value and beauty to the environment and adorns the community, creating an edifice, which the people can take pride in and feel good about themselves,” he noted.
As stated in the speech, Dr. Phillips said he had long recognized the role of the community in national development and shared completely, Prime Minister P.J Patterson’s conviction that the success of any national initiative, whether for economic growth, the inculcation of positive values and attitudes or the enforcement of public order, must begin with the community. “It is here that our people must understand national objectives and their clear role in the process of implementation,” he stated.
Chris Issa, Rotary Club project chairman, urged Jamaicans to continue to support the project and similar community development initiatives. “I strongly believe that if you commit to helping communities so that they can benefit from healthier environments and places where positive relationships between our young people, and caring adults mentors and coaches can develop and grow, then surely, we will be well on our way to developing better places for our children to learn and play and where the residents of our community can experience and enjoy a new sense of civic pride,” he stated.

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