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Housing, Transport, Water and Works Minister, Robert Pickersgill, yesterday (Nov.11) signed contracts valued at $46 million for the rehabilitation of three pieces of roadway in the parishes of St. James and Westmoreland.
Of the total, $31 million will go towards phase two of the Montpellier to Cambridge upgrading project in Southern St. James, with a total of $15 million for the rehabilitation of the Orange Hill road and the Tollgate to Bushmouth roadway in Westmoreland. Surrey Paving and Aggregates Company Limited has been awarded the contract for the Montpellier to Cambridge project, which is scheduled to be completed in six months, while the projects in Westmoreland, scheduled for completion in three months, have been awarded to D.R. Foote Construction Company Limited.
Minister Pickersigill, in his remarks at the signing ceremony held at the Bickersteth Community Centre in St. James, informed that the works were being undertaken under the Special Flood Damage Rehabilitation Programme. He urged the residents of the respective communities to co-operate with the contactors so that the works could flow smoothly and be completed within schedule.Meanwhile, the Works Minister said he was mindful of the fact that his Ministry, and the National Works Agency (NWA), had a significant role to play in ensuring that the citizens of this country had access to safe, reliable and quality roads. “We have always tried.to develop programmes that will touch the lives of our people in a real way”, he stated.
He outlined several road rehabilitation projects valued at approximately $64. 4 million, that have undertaken in the two parishes in recent months, with phase one of the Montpellier to Cambridge main road in St. James, involving the segment from Cambridge to Seven Rivers, having already been completed at a cost of approximately $31 .5 million.

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