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Superintendent of Roads and Works at the Clarendon Parish Council, Richard Clarke, has said that several road repair and maintenance projects are underway in the parish.
In a recent interview with JIS News, Mr. Clarke informed that there is ongoing road maintenance, with the patching of several of the more badly affected roadways, which are used daily by the public.
“We are in the process of patching several road sections, namely roads in the Mineral Heights Division, specifically Mineral Heights Scheme, as well as we are rehabilitating another road in the Mineral Heights Division, which is the Slim Lane project. We are also in the process of patching two other road sections in the hills of Clarendon, namely Johnny’s Dirt Hill Road, and another. There is patching going on in several divisions as we speak,” he outlined.
As part of the road maintenance work, Mr. Clarke indicated that bushing and clearing of roadways, which started last month as part of the Christmas work programme, is being undertaken in all divisions.
The Superintendent also advised that priority is being given to the completion of two retaining wall projects in Northern Clarendon, on which work started sometime ago. “We are presently in the process of completing two retaining wall structures in the parish. There is (one) wall that was started .about a month ago, long overdue, the Brandon Hill gabion wall project, that one is progressing well,” he stated.
In addition, several Constituency Development Fund projects are underway, some of which include expansion of particular roads. These are being carried out by the Road and Works Department in collaboration with the various Members of Parliament with responsibility for Clarendon.

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